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Suzann Foerster

 suz-circles Leadership Coach

There are a few things Suzann understands far better than your average executive coach. Through careful listening and a well-honed intuition, Suzann has a knack for sensing the right moment to ask the exact-right questions. She leads her clients to experience insights, which become turning points in their self-awareness. Quickly keying in on the most important factors inhibiting a client, Suzann helps them design personalized action plans around these pivotal moments, and meets each client’s need for support with compassion.

While simultaneously balancing direct (sometimes blunt) honesty with nurturing warmth, Suzann builds relationships on a foundation of trust and professional integrity. Gaining strength and confidence with every small victory, her clients soon overcome the barriers they once imagined standing between themselves and the realization of their goals. Through Suzann’s guidance, leaders in business learn to embrace change, harness the power of their intentions, and grow. Though it may be her sense of humor and her special brand of joie de vivre that invite you in, your results will be what convince you to stay.

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Lisa Royce

lisa-circles Coaching Associate

Whether discussing her dog’s behavior with the pet psychologist or her child’s unrelenting desire to wear his Spiderman costume daily, Lisa always has an open mind. She is highly adaptable and ready for just about any surprise that awaits her.

True to her Libra nature, she is borderline obsessed with equality and order. From the Feng Shui in her home to her clients’ budget sheets, the result is always a thoughtful balance. Her ability to truly listen and challenge others to identify what they really need has proven to be one of her greatest assets. She can anticipate pitfalls from miles away and find ways to maneuver around them.

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