Do you lead or manage?


The leadership challenge is to leverage both disciples and discern how they can balance each other.

Management is coping with complexity. The goal is to create order & consistency.
Management involves planning, allocating resources, organizing, staffing, controlling and problem solving.

Leadership is coping with change. The goals is to inspire people to adapt and evolve.
Leadership involves creating a vision, aligning people, motivating and inspiring them.

In working with leaders I’ve noticed the tendency is to over-manage and under-lead. This happens because as leaders we want to control what’s happening. We are responsible for making sure things get done so our default is to try to control it. However, more often we need to work with inspiring people and help them evolve to take on the very things we are trying to control.


>>Are you over-managing?  Where are your opportunities to lead?


Click here for an infographic on Management vs Leadership.

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