What Gets Measured Gets Done

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Practice, Practice, Practice.

This is my mantra daily to clients that want to develop or change behaviors. Many behaviors are automatic reactions & habitual in nature. By consistently practicing new behaviors & actions, we can train our brain to do it differently. And what’s cool about consistent practice is we develop a new habit – & habits are a great hack.  

Habits & routines are stored in a part of the brain that requires less cognitive effort – therefore leaving us brain energy for more important tasks.

Measure, Measure, Measure.

A powerful strategy in enforcing your new habits more quickly is to measure them. What behavior are you practicing? Track it everyday and see the power of the measure. Check out these tools we’ve gathered for creative & fun ways to measure, track and ultimately develop new habits. Whether you like tech, games or hand-written tools, we have something that will work for you.

Want more ideas? Check out Michael Hyatt’s blog for his thoughts on when & how to use habits to achieve your goals.   

Let Us Help.

We want to know how this goes!  Email us on your progress & let us know what we can do to support you on making your habits stick.

Habit Tools: 

Infographic: What Gets Measured Gets Done

Bullet Journal Habit Tracker



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