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Compassionately blunt

I ask my clients to take 100% responsibility for who they are and what they want. This empowers them to focus on what they can control and take effective action. I will support my clients with everything I have, but in the end the hard work is up to them.  I’m a tough accountability partner to ensure they achieve their desired results.  My signature approach is compassionately blunt – a combination of direct honesty and nurturing warmth.  I work to build relationships on a foundation of trust and professional integrity.  Through my guidance, clients gain strength & confidence to develop new skills and overcome the barriers standing between themselves and their goals.

Aliah Henry
Leadership Coach

Leadership Coach

Aliah M. Henry is the Chief Executive Officer for The Henry Group, a consulting firm specializing in Organizational Strategy, Development and Communications for small businesses and nonprofits. 

Aliah is the Author of 31 Days to Live Your Best Life and passionate Executive Coach who is committed to empowering professionals as they navigate their career journey. She has 25 years of experience in Management, Retail Banking and the Nonprofit area. 

She received a Bachelor of Arts Degree in Sociology from Morris College, holds a Certificate in Nonprofit Management, an MBA from Texas Christian University and is a Certified Professional Coach.

Tina Gilbert
Leadership Coach

Leadership Coach

Tina Gilbert, founder of Next Level Training Solutions Group, LLC — has more than 25 years of experience in the areas of training and organizational development, leadership, and coaching. Her consulting company has worked with local and state government agencies, corporate entities, faith-based and community groups.

Tina’s mission is to add value to the lives of others, to help them grow, and develop so they can accomplish their goals.

Mark deRoo
Leadership Coach


Summit seeker

Most of us, if we’re truly honest with ourselves, would say that we can become more than who we are. And that’s true for us as individuals & as organizations. So, if we’re in one place yet we desire something else, there’s a gap. I work on the gaps. And when we shrink or eliminate those, my clients are more productive, their customers & co-workers are happier, & they experience greater satisfaction & meaning. They might even find their noble purpose. Put another way, I assist key & emerging leaders & their organizations increase their capacity on those things that will make a positive difference for their lives, their careers, & their organizations. My coaching style is marked by empathy & structure, heart & backbone. I’m bullish on my clients & am not hesitant to ask the tough questions. Through such dialog, keen insights & the occasional “aha” are possible, even likely. With that, positive change can happen.”

Shelley Meibeyer
Leadership Coach


Coaching catalyst

I view coaching as a partnership between the coachee, direct manager & coach. The coachee has ultimate accountability for the outcome; the direct manager has responsibility to provide ongoing support & feedback & the coach has the obligation to facilitate a process that encourages personal insight & self-discovery. Every successful coaching engagement begins with clearly defined outcomes tied to business impact & personal performance. Agreeing on ‘what success looks like’ & ensuring the coachee is invested in the process & has a sincere desire to grow, are critical to the partnership.

I am committed to helping organizations build a culture of leaders devoted to engaging the heads, hearts & hands of employees – managers who approach people leadership with the same rigor & discipline they devote to financial management. I am committed to helping individuals develop into their authentic ‘best selves’.

Mindy Danna
Leadership Coach


Xray vision

I am passionate about helping individuals & organizations transform their “hard battles” into opportunities for extraordinary growth & performance. Often, these hard battles are fueled by unseen beliefs & assumptions that drive our behavior & can get in the way of us achieving our goals. My approach is to provide you with the appropriate balance of challenge & support in examining those beliefs & assumptions, transforming the ones that are barriers to your performance. I challenge by listening deeply to what you are saying & hearing what you’re not saying. And I support by helping you construct new “mental maps” & behavioral bridges between where you are now & where you want to be as a leader.

Pam Erhardt
Leadership Coach


Deep perceiver

The most effective leaders are curious, grounded, and dedicated to continuous learning and self-awareness.  I help leaders see with new eyes and connect the dots they haven’t seen before.  My task is to help you identify and uncover the key elements needed to be the kind of leader you want to be.  I bring together a systems perspective, leadership experience, and the desire and ability to develop deep, trusting relationships.

Chris Bohle
Strengthsfinder Coach

Social connector

When working with a client, I like to consider more than just their CliftonStrengths results. They are a whole person, and I ask questions to understand how our backgrounds influence our decisions today. I acknowledge that individual and group decisions are often influenced by a variety of factors, and I like to take a look at the big picture to determine the root causes of decisions and situations. The CliftonStrengths assessment allows us to tap into our brilliance while giving us a glimpse into our lesser talents that have the potential to trip us up if not addressed.

I am an industrious and curious advocate and coach. I am most alive when empowering other people and walking alongside individuals and groups as they develop agency and courage. I am energized by new projects and relationships that make our world a better place.

Be the leader others believe in.

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