PRAISE - Suzann Foerster


Suzann was able to evaluate my needs and give me a recommended outline. She evaluated our team strengths and weaknesses and helped us build a high performing team. Before I started working with Suzann, I recognized that my station/product would only be as good as I could lead. I worried that I had already reached my best. After working with Suzann, I was confident that our success was on a team that was now focused, communicative, capable and innovative. I was better prepared to lead and allow them to surpass expectations.

After working with Suzann for 1 year, our team improved communication and reduced problems by 75%. The team responded so well that we continued with Suzann for 3 more years. We have utilized her ideas, goals and processes for success on every level of personnel in our station. We have become the most efficient, productive station with the highest success rate of new technology implementation in our entire company.

Diane C Kniowski, General Manager


Suzann invented the word insightful. Without fail, every coaching session produced value that I was able to implement that same day. I am an early-stage entrepreneur so I understand that the world needs to be re-invented every day. Suzann helped me through that process and shed light on the dark places and pitfalls. I truly couldn’t have done it without her influence.

Josh Little, CEO


Suzann Foerster is extremely valuable to our team. Suzann is the go-to resource for our Executive Team, as well as providing individual coaching to some of our Key team mates. She provides coaching that allows our team to effectively communicate, focus on what is important, and provide critical guidance to our entire company. Her style allows our team to not just participate but be empowered with their individual leadership growth. Suzann is truly part of our team and an invaluable resource to our company. She makes us better!

Todd McDonald, President
CSM Group

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I hired Suzann as a business coach and mentor. She provided me with deep insights and understanding about managing business relationships, business challenges, and overall direction in a number of business situations. I would consider Suzann one of the best communicators I have ever met. You feel relaxed when you talk with her, she listens intently, and shows a genuine selfless concern for your needs. I highly recommend Suzann for business coaching and mentoring opportunities without reservation.

Phillip Neal, VP of Business Development

Suzann is like a physical therapist for leaders.  She gets in there and quickly isolates the root of the problem and then works to develop strategies and tactics that provide hope and healing.  Her insightful questions will challenge your thinking and allow for a new perspective.  She provides useful frameworks and tools that help facilitate change.   And, similar to a PT visit, there is generally vulnerability and sometimes pain involved.  But both generally lead to greater awareness and mobility.  My experiences with Suzann have all led to greater growth.  Growth for me, personally, and for my company.

Jen Randall, President


Suzann is absolutely wonderful!  As my business coach, she is the most influential part of my company’s future!  She guides me on difficult business decisions by pushing me to think outside the box, to look for every option, not just the obvious ones!  She gently urges me to problem-solve and trains me to focus on the real issues at hand.  Before Suzann, it was management-by-crisis.  After Suzann, it is proactive, positive, and professional leadership.  Suzann has literally changed the business woman I am and I cannot thank her enough!  Her mother should have named her “Wonderful”!

Karla Coar, CEO, Owner
SuperTree, Inc.


Suzann has helped me grow personally as well as helped the company l work for develop long term strategic plans.  Personally, she assisted me with streamlining my career and life goals. During this process she facilitated the development of my goals, priorities and deadlines. At one point, I was interested in pursuing a new career opportunity and with her guidance I was able to implement a plan to accomplish that goal. From a business standpoint, she has worked with our company to establish open communication, long and short term goals and provide valuable feedback.

I truly enjoy working with Suzann.  She is always helping to put things in perspective and shows you how to look at situations in a different light. She is very insightful and always has your best interest in mind. Suzann has been very helpful to me, both professionally and personally and I would highly recommend her.

Katy Atchison, Marketing & Social Media Manager
The Skye Group



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