PHILOSOPHY - Suzann Foerster

My forte is being compassionately blunt and to challenge you to think in new ways. My approach involves moving beyond just treating symptoms to uncovering the true source of the problem or challenge. My goal is to evolve your beliefs, behaviors and skills so you’re empowered to face tomorrow’s challenges, head on.

You are 100% responsible for you.

I ask you to take 100% responsibility for who you are and what you want. This empowers you to focus on what you can control and take effective action on. I will support you with everything I have but in the end the hard work is up to you. I’m your advocate and want you to have the success you desire.

Trust is a two-way street.

I respect my clients’ individuality and accept them unconditionally. This creates the safe and trusting relationship needed for direct feedback and honest reflection. You must be willing to be honest and open to self-reflect about what’s working well and what’s not.

Learning is linked to results.

Coaching is an investment of time and valuable resources. Although it’s challenging to accurately measure learning ROI, it is important that we make the connection between learnings and business results. We know the value of your investment will be represented in your future bottom line.

Your uncomfortable companion.

If it were easy, everyone would do it. My job is to challenge you to be honest with yourself, to accept and acknowledge your talents and strengths and seek to understand. We will discuss your fears and work to resist denial. We will confront your challenges, with the intention of learning a better way and supporting you to achieve your goals.

Relevant learning in real-time.

Learning should be experiential and relevant to the leader’s current challenges. We use your current challenges so you learn new skills to evolve to be prepared for your next challenge.

Change. Is. Possible.

New behaviors and skills can be learned with the right motivation, insights and practice. If you want results, you must be willing to practice and commit to doing the work.


Provide Focus – Establish and keep you focused on what’s important

Challenge & Support – Stretch you beyond your comfort zone to achieve higher levels of performance

Hold Accountable – Hold your feet to the fire for what you committed to

Facilitate Action – Translate the coaching conversation into viable actions and changes in behavior

Build Trust – Create a partnership with you so all issues and topics can be discussed openly

Listen – Listen for what’s being said and NOT being said to identify opportunities to improve your thinking

Ask Questions – Ask provocative questions regarding thinking, attitudes and behavior to expand possibilities

Encourage Growth – Focus on both WHO you need to be and WHAT you need to do to improve

Provide Resources – Provide tools and resources most relevant to your individual needs

Be a Model – Live and work with integrity and inspire high standards

Celebrate & Endorse – Acknowledge and recognize your hard work and celebrate your progress and success